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An easy to use online HTML5 animation editor
Test it right now for free (limited Story size). Unlimited use is only 9.99 USD per month.
Use it for • Journalistic storiesBannersUI effectsStatisticsEdutorials
SVG MorphingPresentationsArtIllustrationsImage shifters etc.
Anitool is for everyone, most of all people with deadlines! Animations can be short and simple and take only a few minutes to create. Anitool is created especially for speed and ease.
Stories can also be long and/or complex, maybe with lots of interactivity. Anitool handles that in an elegant way too.
No registering, no installation, no cost - and it's fun!
Copyright Omnitale AS (Inc.) © 2016
  • No coding
  • For all types of stories: short or long, simple or complex
  • Interacitivity in an easy way
  • Runs smoothly on all devices
  • Online tool, no installation.
  • Responsive or any fixed size
  • Animations may wander freely, not constrained to an iframe
  • SVG Morph and SVG Draw
  • Uses Greensock as the animation engine - the industry standard for HTML5 banners and animations.
  • Anitool is a great alternative to Adobe CC Animator and Google Web Designer.
  • Create stories for FREE (limited size).